1995 SENAA International


Vol. 1; No. 1          SENAA Newsletter - Premier Issue          12 Sept. 1995

This is the beginning of a new day.
The Creator has given me this day to use as I will.
I can waste it or grow in its light
And be of service to others.
But what I do with this day is important,
Because I have exchanged a day of my life for it.
When tomorrow comes,
Today will be gone forever.
I hope I will not regret the price I paid for it.



   Congratulations  to the  Native      Officials from HCSD and TIC will
American Reserve Force (NARF)  for    meet  in October  to finalize  the
their  recent   adoption   by  the    adoption. While the details remain
Tennessee Indian Commission (TIC).    hazy  at this  point, one thing is
   Orphaned  on  2 May 1995,  when    clear:  NARF is the  first  Native
CITA  officially  disbanded,   TIC    American law enforcement entity in
officials voiced their interest in    history,outside tribal boundaries,
adopting  NARF,  but meetings with    to gain  state  recognition.  That
NARF's legal guardians, the Hamil-    alone is reason for each and every
ton  County  Sheriff's  Department    NARF officer to be proud.
(HCSD)  were  necessary  before  a       That this momentous development
commitment would be made.             comes  only eighteen months  after
   It  became  official in August,    NARF  was  officially created says
when the  HCSD  received  official    volumes for NARF's dedication  and
word from TIC spokesperson  Harley    teamwork.  Their lessons  in these
Grant  that the  state  recognized    regards, any organization would do
commission  will  officially adopt    well to learn.
NARF.                                 (Continued, p. 2)



12 September 1995            SENAA  Newsletter                        2

   Their accomplishments should be    Alliance, look to this outstanding
a  source   of   pride   for   all    team  and  take note.  Let us look
Native Americans.                     with  pride  at NARF's accomplish-
   Through  the  adversities  that    ments and dedication to preserving
plagued  CITA,  when NARF's future    our heritage.
was   uncertain,    NARF   members    Let us  fully and proudly  support
remained focused on their purpose.    this  superb  organization  in any
   Realizing  that  NARF's  ideals    and  every  way  possible ---- and
transcended  any  personal differ-    consider it a privilege to do so.
ences,  they   refused   to  allow      Congratulations, Native American
personal   politics  to  interfere    Reserve Force, for your tremendous
with the team's performance of its    accomplishments.   And  thanks  to
duties. If nothing else, it demon-    each of you for working so hard to
strates  each  NARF team  member's    protect   our    Native   American
incredible strength of character.     heritage.
    Let  us,  as  members  of  the        May  the Creator bless you and
Southeastern    Native    American     keep each of you safe.
                                                *   *   *


    In early July,  at Collegedale    With only  10 trained officers and
Tennessee,  preparations began for    one trainee,  each NARF member got
the  construction of  an apartment    more  than  his  share  of  patrol
complex  which  will  be  known as    time.
"Winding  Creek  Apartments."   By    NARF officers  are  only  required
8 July  the media were notified by    to work 18 hours per month, but at
a "concerned citizen" who lived in    Collegedale  some  officers  spent
the neighboring  apartment complex    more than 171 hours of their spare
that   human   bones  and   burial    time   guarding   the   endangered
objects had been unearthed.           ancestral graves.   Their only pay
   Thanks to that tip, authorities    during  that  time  was  the  soft
were notified and pre-construction    drinks  provided  by the  Hamilton
grading  stopped.   Unfortunately,    County  Sheriff's  Department  and
by  the time  it was halted,  many    concerned individuals;  occasional
graves  had  been   destroyed  and    snack  cakes   provided  by  McKee
looted.   By  10 July  the  Native    Bakery;the sandwiches they brought
American Reserve Force (NARF)  was    for  dinner;  and  the  occasional
notified and arrived on the scene.    "Thank you" from Lynn Triplett and
   What was thought to be  a three    Alva Crowe.
or four day watch  turned into  35    NARF's  official  pat on the  back
days. From 10 July until 13 August    came on Saturday afternoon, August
NARF  officers   stood   all-night    26,  at the Moccasin Bend shooting
vigils  to  keep out relic hunters    range,  when  the  Hamilton County
and  curiosity  seekers.  Property    Sheriff's Office gave a dinner for
owners were at the site in the day    NARF members  and  their families,
time  on weekdays,  but it fell on    to  show  appreciation  for NARF's
NARF  to  patrol  around the clock    services at the Collegedale site.
from 7pm Friday evenings until 7am       Presiding  at  the dinner  were
Monday mornings.                      Sheriff Cupp, Lieutenant Mitchell,
   After standing 12-hour watches,    Chief Alverson,and NARF supervisor
exhausted NARF officers left their    Lynn Triplett.
watch  to work their regular jobs.           (continued, p.3)



12 September 1995            SENAA  Newsletter                        3

BURIALS, continued;
   After   dinner,   Sheriff  Cupp    Alverson,   to   commemorate   the
presented  NARF  with a plaque and    occasion.
citation  bearing the names of all       On behalf of C.A.I.R.,  I would
the  NARF members  for outstanding    like to express  our gratitude  to
performance  and dedication at the    each  member  of  NARF  for  their
Collegedale site.  The  plaque now    dedication to preserving and  pro-
hangs on the wall of the  Hamilton    tecting  the  graves of our ances-
County Sheriff's Department.          tors  buried  at the  place we now
     Stuart  Light-Feather  Aitken    call  "Collegedale;" and for their
presented  Chief Alverson  with  a    continuing   watch  over  Moccasin
beautifully   crafted   ceremonial    Bend.
pipe and stand,  and Lynn Triplett       Our thanks to:   Lynn Triplett;
with a beautifully adorned warrior    Pam Triplett; Stuart Aitken; Brian
feather.                              Davis; Steve Swilling;  Bob Welch;
   Sheriff John Cupp put to rest a    Brian Carlisle;  Ben Taylor;  Paul
rumor  that  he  wanted to disband    Thennis; and Gary Williams.
NARF  by saying that  NARF  is the       Oh; and thanks, also, to a cer-
best  and  most  dedicated reserve    tain  "trainee,"   whose  training
force  he has ever seen,  and that    period   has  to  be  one  of  the

he is proud to know that NARF is a    longest in history  for a  reserve
part   of   the   Hamilton  County    officer  candidate;   who   faced,
Sheriff's Department.                 armed only with a bo staff and his
   The evening culminated with the    karate skills,  the same potential
taking  of  a  group photo  of the    dangers  that  his fellow officers
NARF  members  with  Sheriff Cupp,    faced with guns and pepper mace.
Lieutenant  Mitchell,  and   Chief       Move over, Billy Jack!
                                                 *  *  *

NEXT GENERAL MEETING:  3 October 1995; 7:00 pm.  Tentatively scheduled
to be held at 3054 Woodvine Circle; Cleveland, Tennessee.

                            OUR NATIVE TONGUE

   As  a  regular feature  of  our    opportunity to learn the Tsa-La-Gi
monthly Newsletter, and in keeping    language.
with  our policy  of cultural edu-       We begin this series with basic
cation,  "Our Native Tongue"  will    greetings.
help those  who have had  no prior

Syllabary              Pronunciation            English
                       Tsa(Ja)-La-Gi            Cherokee
                       O-si'-yo                 Hello
                       To-hi'-tsu(ju)           How are you?
                       O-si'-gwu                I'm fine
                       Ni-na                    And you?
                       Wa-do                    Thank you
                       O-gi-na-li'--i           My Friend
                       Tso-ga-li'--i            Friends
                       U-na-li'--i        (his) Friend
                       A-s-ga-ya                Man
                       A-ge-yv(yuh)             Woman
                       Ga-du-gi                 Society



12 September 1995             SENAA  Newsletter                        4

                         THE TSA-LA-GI SYLLABARY

      Pronunciation key:  a, as in watch; e, as the ‚ in caf‚; i, as ee
in keep; o, as in boat; u, as oo in boot; v, as the u in but; tsi, as
see in seem, chee in cheek, or jee in jeep; tso, as so social, cho in
chosen, or Jo in Joke; tsa, as sah, jah or cha in Charles; tse, as sa in
sacred, cha in change, or ja in Jason; tsu, as soo in soon, ju in juice,
or choo in choose; tsv, as su in sudden, ju in judge, ch in child or chu
in chum; g, as in gun, or approaching k.

A - a       E - J        I -        O - q       U -        V -

GA -        GE -        GI -        GO -        GU -        GV -

KA -

HA -        HE -        HI -        HO -        HU -        HV -

LA -        LE -        LI -        LO -        LU -        LV -

MA -        ME -        MI -        MO -        MU -

NA -        NE -        NI -        NO -        NU -        NV -

HNA -       NAH -

QWA -       QWE -       QWI -       QWO -       QWU -       QWV -

S -         SE -        SI -        SO -        SU -        SV -

SA -

DA -        DE -        DI -        DO -        DU -        DV -

TA -        TE -        TI -

TLA -       TLE -       TLI -       TLO -       TLU -       TLV -


TSA -       TSE -       TSI -       TSO -       TSU -       TSV -

WA -        WE -        WI -        WO -        WU -        WV -

YA -        YE -        YI          YO -        YU -        YV -

Our  Sincere  Thanks  to  Lawrence    Thanks, too,  to  Alva Crowe, who
Alexander for his work at College-    saw to the spiritual needs of the
dale,  removing  the  remains  and    disturbed spirits and the archeo-
artifacts  from  the  graves.   We    logists alike, and was there from
would rather it  not be done,  but    start to finish.
since it was necessary, we're glad         *          *         *
it was you who did the work --
someone who treats  our ancestors'    1995; White Eagle Publications
graves with respect.                    All Rights Reserved
     *        *       *