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08 September 2002

From: "nabahe keediniihii"

Relatives, Greetings.

Nearly a year ago, I wrote a piece about my reaction to what occurred against the Capitalistic Terror organization of the United States government in NYC at the WTC. At that time I related my reaction to what had happened with the Sun Dance grounds in my country, Big Mountain. There was much feedback that I received for that piece I did, "Terrorism, the Terminology." Again, I can say a lot more about "9-1-1 of 2001" being that I am a victim, myself, of the US Military and its Corporate aggression since the 1860s, but if one has adapted well to the ideologies of "American patriotism," they will never understand where I'm coming from.

So, before we start hearing the patriotic, battle hymns like "Home of the (Silenced) Brave" or "America, the (Polluted)," on behalf of the fight for liberation on Black Mesa I wish to share the valuable words of wisdom from one of our last and original traditional leaders from the Hopi Independent Nation. I feel that his statement is so appropriate at this time before America's war and corporate machines are unleashed into the dusty desert lands of Asia and before more 'innocent (Asian) lives' perish.

I had wanted to write about a radioactive town on the reservation that live with much secrecy and where residences are deceived and are made to live with lethal water and air supply. However, I will sent this Elder's message out to you all.

In the Spirit of Chief Barboncito, Bahe


Voice from a Traditional Hopi Religious Leader of Hotevilla Pueblo
 -Transcribed by Bahe Y. Katenay (Dineh) from Hopi Elder's statement in May 2002

[Author's Note: Though, grandfather from Hotevilla Pueblo wished that his statement be recorded and shared, I felt it is best to not print his name due the seriousness of his obligation to religious responsibility for his village and for his relations and also, due to the possibility of repercussions from state and tribal governments. Arrangements to directly respond or to establish a connection to the Hopi Independent Nation can be made upon request. Thanks, BYK.]

".We are attempting to be active in saving humanity and the environment but it seems that now, we have encountered a barricade that keeps blocking our actions. We cannot just rely on one story or one messenger in this time of troubles. ..In order to confront the current destructive events, we really need to acknowledge those messengers of the ancient beliefs which can help us overcome the obstacles."

-Hopi Traditional Religious Leader speaks to traditional Dineh resistors and supporters on Black Mesa., May 27, 2002

"This drought is not just a simple drought. It has been a harsh one because even if we receive one good rain or two, the vegetation might return but it can suddenly die again. This is a harsh drought because the ground below us has a dried for about three to five feet deep. With that kind of ground, the moisture itself will be dried up immediately unless the normal monsoons return."

-Traditional Dineh Elder Woman talks about the drought of 2001-02 and the dried up cornfields, July 2002

May 27, 2002, Upper Big Mountain Range/Peabody Coal Mine Lease Area., The traditional Hopi elder had joined a gathering of Dineh resistors, a diverse group of Peace Walkers and other supporters. He was invited to come pray and express their traditional Hopi solidarity against the current mining and water depletion operations by Peabody Western Coal Company on Black Mesa. At the feast after the Prayer Ceremonies, the traditional religious leader was asked to speak to all those who have gathered:

"I am not a graduate of the schools but I will make a little speech about what has been happening.

"The indigenous peoples of these areas were already here when the Spaniards came and then, the United States came and they are still doing the same things that the Spaniards have done which is corrupting our lives. So, all these things are happening. Today, there still some very serious things taking place, and we asked the questions: How are we to survive? How are we to keep our roots to this Earth? These are serious issues that we are faced with, now.

"I am afraid about the direction that the world is taking. There are probably many sovereign nations but the ways that they have carried out their politics has made human societies' lives worst and worst through such corruptions. The powers from these corruptions makes us feel like we can do nothing about it. I am afraid because there is danger coming out of the future. Some of us, we would like to do good things for the future but unfortunately we are headed into a very dangerous future.

"We are just, now, beginning to see the changes like the prices of food keep going up and the prices of gasoline also continues to go up. Many more goods and products will become expensive, too, and we will see that eventually currencies will not be worth anything. Once the monies become worthless there will be starvation. There will be many influential leaders who will try to speak out but their words will be simply discarded by politicians.

"Despite the continuous corruptions, there are still some peoples who are attempting to change things. That has been the reason why that I had to travel places sometimes, too. I have also seen in other nations where they are experiencing hardships caused by the worsening politics from the governments. Military aggressions are growing throughout the world, and it is definitely headed our direction. A great war will be upon us. Our Elders have prophesized this ages, ago, that if we do not correct the imbalances in life a Third World War will occur on this continent. These prophecies have been taught to us but now, we are at a point that Peace may not be possible for us. We may never have Peace anymore.

"Our human powers that we still have may not help us against the coming wars. Those that have the spiritual powers are the real indigenous practitioners --the ones who were spiritually initiated to make the prayer sticks. But then, even our ceremonial practices are disrupted by conveniences, and we put aside the making of prayers to attend to the government enticements of welfare and hand-outs. Then, when trouble happens finally, we try to return to the mediation of making the prayer sticks and expect the powers to work but there no more power. I am afraid for that the powers of our ceremonies are not working because we have consumed too much of the corruption which now make up our being.

"So, today we come out here to give our information but you already know some of the stories and that these stories are long. But we must remember that we were here at The First Moment of Time when Creator simply gave us permission to live on these lands. For us Hopis, we come to where Creator was which was in the area of Old Oraibi. However, to this day, there have been newcomers who came into our regions without the consent or permission from Creator. The U.S. in particular has been a nation that came into our territories illegally even under the basic laws of sovereign nations. Ever since then, the U.S. has acquired authority over us and our lands through illegal methods. These corruptions have impacted our lives which has been most difficult for us in trying to maintain our livelihood. So, we just try to tend to our corn fields in order to heal our hearts and minds.

"There are several other matters of great concerns but we consider those sacred issues that we wish to only withhold for ourselves unless the World Court, someday, truly wishes to hear the indigenous voices. That is when we will share those sensitive concerns. We will have a valid case to file before such international court with reliable evidences to present. I must mention that we were summoned by the federal courts out of Phoenix and California but we realized that the American court system would never give us justice. It must be understood that American judges who preside over cases (that involve indigenous land rights or other forms of Civil Rights) will only be doing so for their own interest. The way they will do things will be unlawful and will reach decisions through illegal means.

"We all need to remain active and do something about the situation of injustices which we all face. I cannot exactly specify what we or each one of you should do but that is up to you. I am not trying to make you accept my peoples sovereign ways of being indigenous. I have to keep on doing what I believe should be done according to ancient stories and knowledge. I am not educated and neither are my children. That is how we are indigenous, or that is how some of the Elders taught us with prophecies to not become educated in the English Ways. What I will tell other nations, and sometimes to Non-natives as well, is that they need to re-recognize who they are: consider their own hairstyles and maybe grow them long and learn about their cultural clothing styles. Because the Elders once said that, A Time Will Come when spiritual identity will be important. If we maintain a sense of our cultural hair styles and clothing styles, this will be the 'earmark' to be recognized with. So, I do not even know how all that is going to be when The Time Comes because look at the new generations --see what they have done to their hair and their ways of dressing. It just shows there had been much brain-washing from the 'white' government.

"These are more than just stories but are part prophecy, and many indigenous peoples can share similar types of prophecies as well. Now, we are "Way-Out-In-The-Future" that was once predicted, and we have lost much knowledge. We are to be searching around, now, for the appropriate Rock Writings across these lands. The Elders have said that the Rocks will be the teachers someday and so, these were the thoughts of reminders for time and time. These thoughts and memories were based on upon how human weaknesses can lead to self-destruction by their lost of spiritual knowledge. These teachings of the past were merely precautions to avoid human self-destruction. It was said that we should negotiate and discuss about how to re-learn the ways of Balance. We should be holding large gatherings and the nations should be coming together but a the moment, no such events has come about yet.

"The instructions or the safeguards that are vital to our survival for This Time That Has Come, or a portion of it are still maintained by the Hopis. They speak of five stone tablets which contain instructions, and Prophecy states that, when an unstable-time arrives among humanity we have to find the other two tablets to complete the full instructions. Supposedly, the Great Spirit has one and our White Brother should have the other one. This is not a tale because Hopi Spiritual Leaders have witnessed this, ages ago. The tablets are rectangular, oval in shape [approximately 6 cm x 18 cm according to showing the shape with his hands]. The traditionals have closely guarded these tablets for centuries. In recent times, Hopi traditionals and their religious leaders have been searching for the other two. When I travel abroad I ask other nations about the tablets and if one is ever found we will recognized its inscriptions. Then, if there is a match, those White Leaders will have to come to our homeland and have a lengthy spiritual conference. When all the tablets are gathered it should provide instructions as to how we can identify ourselves and what role we must play in order to get on with the business of replenishing the spiritual directions. Then, eventually doing away with all forms of evil and aggressions.

"Then, it will be realized that the Evil Ones have wanted all-along to get the mineral resources out of the Earth, but the Non-Evil Ones have waited or did not bother these resources. It is said that after all the Evil Ways have been done away with it will be a time after Purification, and only a handful of human race would have survived. At that time, the minerals of the Earth will be in a different state to where humans can extract it to create efficient instruments that will not harm living things. The nations or races can return to their original territories to rebuild and increase their populations, again. I know that there are similar prophecies to be shared among many cultures and so, I am not just one person from one particular society that puts forth such stories. Also, only the original group of peoples who have remained indigenous and have maintained its original religious practices will know which 'stories' are false and which ones are real.

"However, we are attempting to be active in saving humanity and the environment but it seems that now, we have encountered a barricade that keeps blocking our actions. We cannot just rely on just one story or one messenger in this time of troubles. There are many ancient stories/prophecies to be heard. The ones to be heard has to have its messenger who has the obligation to guide or control the fulfillment of prophecies. In order to confront the current destructive events, we really need to acknowledge those messengers of the ancient beliefs to help us overcome the obstacles. Let me share the Hopis' example.

"It is said that if earthquakes become constant events, it will be the responsibility of the Coyote and the Water Crescent Clans to control and minimize earthquakes. Societies with the obligation will become included in schedules to deal with forthcoming natural forces. It is the same if tornadoes become rampant, and those who have the obligation to conduct certain ceremonies to the Powers of the Wind will alter the course or paths of tornadoes. Again, we can still be tested to see if we can really fulfill the obligations because of the coercion of money, and it will be up to the individual to either grasp for the greed or for survival.

"Important decisions has come upon us: we can continue to seek monetary profit and investments but instead the value of food will become high when food itself become scarce. Then, we are only left with large amounts of money to eat. Eating money will only do us good if we are robots. Perhaps, for those who have a disbelief that food will run out will need to have special machines implanted in their stomachs so that, they can live on eating their monies. So, this is all I wanted to say.

"Thank you for inviting us to this gathering. Thank you very much for listening, too."



The efforts to survive with the indigenous values of religion and culture is still being maintained on Black Mesa and throughout the "four corners region" of the southwest. To find out more or find out ways that you can support visit and follow the list of links. Or you can call the Black Mesa Indigenous Support voice mail at (928) 773-8086.

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