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Japan Demonstration



Japan Demonstration


Japan Demonstration


Japan Demonstration



Japan Demonstration


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Japan Demonstration



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Japanese Demonstration Held on October 17th

Date:   Sat, 23 Oct 99 09:56AM EDT
From:  "Big Mountain Suport Group in Japan"  bigmountain@mail7.dddd.ne.jp

SENAA International,

We are sorry about sending our demonstration report so late.
I was waiting for the photos to get ready.

I wrote the report, but some of my English expressions may not be correct so if you
can correct them we will be appreciative. Then please forward to other supporters.

Big Mountain support group in Japan.

Report from the Japanese Demonstration on October 17th.

October 17th, We participated in a peace event called "Rainbow Parade" in Tokyo. In the middle of the event, we, about 100 supporters, had a demonstration walk up to the U.S. embassy. There was one of A.I.M's leaders, Denis Bancs, at the event. Right before the walk, we had a pipe ceremony lead by him and sung a indian songs with drumming. After that he called every one who was to participate in the walk up on the big stage.

About 100 people joined the walk, singing, and drumming. We walked about 2 hours to get to the U.S. Embassy.

When we arrived at the Embassy, there are about 10 policemen came over to us and said this demonstration was not an authorized demonstration, so we had to put down all the placards and stop drumming.

So we just prayed for the Elders in Big Mountain with singing and submitted about 4000 people's signatures to Embassy employee .

When we submitted the 4000 people's signatures, we read and handed the Embassy employee the following letter.

To the President of the United States :

Respectfully we ask you to think about the elders in Big Mountain. They are the caretakers of the land. They help keep the land sacred in peace and harmony with nature.

They strive not to destroy or exploit the land just like you honor your mother. We realize that this civilization of the 20th century can not go far if our consciousness doesn't change as a whole for humanity.

We believe that those elders have a sacred knowledge to help keep the earth in balance and harmony.

If you relocate them from their traditional land, their culture and religion, which is a living heritage to the world, that heritage will not survive.

They would lose close connection to their land. The land has been a gift from their ancestors.

It would likely be the end of the Navajo Nation. We don't want things to happen that way.

We want, and need, them, to remain on their land, so that they can live peacefully and continue to have their ceremonies and prayers for all the earth and people. Also so that they, and we, can have a hope for our future generations.

What we learn through their native teachings is that the Earth is our Mother. We all come from her and a part of her. We are all connected and related to each other.

Whatever happens in Big Mountain, it will affect all of us.

We hope that you may also give respect to these people and their land. For the preservation of Mother Earth and the future generations.

Hozho go Nan Naazo. Hozho go Nan Naazo.

I attached some pictures of the demonstration.
Please put them on your website.

Thank you,

Big Mountain Support Group In Japan.

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