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1-22 January  2000



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Date: Fri, 31 Dec 1999 15:56:32 +0900
From: Tomonori Yoshida tomonori@cyborg.ne.jp
To: SENAA International senaa1@netscape.net

Hi, this is info about walk action for Big Mountain. Please read this and if you could forward to other supporters it would be appreciated.

Walk in Beauty Project.




From Japan to Big Mountain: the walk begins. It starts January 1st 2000 from Kurai-yama of Hida Takayama, as we greet the sunrise from the mountain. The new year "on the road".

In this coldest of the seasons, the walk will go over many mountains. But this walk shall be filled with joy.

When we feel the despair of Dineh & Cherokee people at the time of their walk, when their land was taken away from them.

We walk towards hope. Step by step, we walk with prayers for our mother earth. For the life of Big Mountain, for the life of our very selves.

Let the walk begin in the light of hope as the year 2000 greets its dawn.

In beauty we walk. In beauty we walk. In beauty we walk.

Mitakuye oyasin. Hokka hey!


  • This is for the grand mothers of Big Mountain, who subjected to surrender to the ultimate annihilation by Feb. 1st, 2000. Sending our thoughts in order to let them know that they have never been alone; instead, there are many people come over the differences of races, learning from them their traditional way of living, praying to the Earth.

  • Also, this aims to stop the ileagal activities of BIA, and of the tribal government by drawing mass attention world widely to Big Mountain.

  • We [do not] have any particular words for prayer nor any magic power to perform; but out humbleness and out each step, the walk turns into the prayers to the people and to the Earth.

On the 22nd Jan. (Sat) 2000, the Japanese "Walk" finishes at the point of handing out the piles of Signature to U.S. Embassy. Then, how about we call this day "THE BIG MOUNTAIN SUPPORT DAY," so that we can appeal to the worldwide supporters, ecologists and human rights activists to assemble worldwide, simultaneously presenting problems similar to the Big Mountain situation.


On November 21, 1999, we reunited with Dineh Bahe Kateney in 12 years. The battle of Big Mountain now only left the elders of Dineh; but the last days of the great circulation has't arrived, since it has been postponed for 12 years. Yet, the government has declared that February 1st 2000 is to be the date of the final evacuation.

What can we do towards the last days of the great circulation?

"Let's express our respect and prayers for the Dineh 's remaining elders with action!"

This simple idea turned us into voyagers. "Let's walk!" somebody said, "Yes, let's walk!" everybody cried out. Then Bahe said "If you walk, you start from Kurai-yama."

We went to Kurai-yama on December 5th, before it was covered w/snow, and prayed for the success of our Big Mountain walk and the reunion at the goal. As we prayed for the plan, we cherished the words of the sage of Hopi, the late David Manyangi.

Great Spirit told me. "It may be a difficult thing to do, but you shall do it with courage."

We feel now is the time of our final road plan, as said by the Great Spirit. "We shall unite our souls as one, never give up, because to carry out our mission is the only road left to us".

Kai Yamada from Kuraiyama, Japan


This is a message for supporters in Japan:

The Long Walk for BIG MOUNTAIN

--------No Alcohol , No Drugs , No Violence----------

Walking Plan from Hida-Takayama, Japan to BIG MOUNTAIN

Sat.1.1.2000. 7:00AM: Start from Mt.Kurai-Yama,Hida-Takayama.

In 1987, Bahi climbed up Mt.Kurai-yama with Ekashi Toyokawa, an ainu, and a ko-shinto woman. Bahe was inspired that Mt.Kurai-yama was an equally holy mountain to the Big mountain.

Mt. Kurai-yama is the point where the water is devided into Pacific Ocean and the sea of Japan.

The walk will go to Tokyo in 22 days, then to the United States.

Would you like to join the Long Walk?
Call Kazu at 81-265-39-2814 or e-mail at kazukiyo@mb.i-chubu.ne.jp

  • Participate at your own risk,and own cost.

  • Participants may need to pay for accomodations.

  • Participants will walk in any weather, may encamp. Winter jackets, rain gears, cold-proofed sleeping bags are necessary.

  • Alcoholic drinks or drugs are strictly prohibited during the walk, even in accomodations.
    Since alcoholism has been a severe problem in the American Indian society, their leaders are total abstainer and they encourage dry campaign and rehabilitation alcoholics to recover Indian society and culture. Participants in sweatlodge ceremony are required to have no alcoholic drinks 4 days before the ceremony.

Would you like to support the walk? or send a contribuion? send to:
Post office account 14110-91393801 Haruyasu Yamaguchi Walk in Beauty Project JIM

We need support such as food and accomodations, too!

Please contact by mail to:
Haruyasu Yamaguchi Walk in Beauty Project JIM 66 Kamei Teratsu-cho, Nisio,Aichi 444-0324 or contact to Sakino at 0423-61-1871, sakino@tky3.3web.ne.jp

Big Mountain Support Group In Japan.

Walk in Beauty Project






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