Maniaci's Propaganda Piece in the Independent
by Julian Harper

Regarding the comically slanted article about the despicable interruption of the sacred Sun Dance ceremony. Ah, the things which apparently pass for "journalism" these days.

The latest propaganda to be flushed down the slurry-lines of the BIA and HTC is certainly handled with aplomb by Mr. Maniaci; and it is good to see by his words that he is another of those modern people who is unfettered by the cumbersome baggage of truth, integrity, or factual reporting. It is better to just take a few pre-packaged statements from select individuals and print that, rather than actually waste time, and perhaps even perspire, doing real work.

Just in case the truth is of any interest, perhaps to those who still have a remnant of that archaic and arcane fondness for truth, there are a number of Dineh who have lived in the same area for many, many generations; and there are religious rituals which have been conducted in the area for many generations, as well. Only the white man - and his lackeys and puppets, the corrupt BIA and "HTC", which has regularly been rejected by the traditional Hopi, and which does not represent them, thinks that drawing a line on a map suddenly makes a third, fourth, fifth or tenth generation Native inhabitant a "trespasser." Interestingly, when quoting Begay and others about "their land," the reporter failed to notice--or perhaps he was told to ignore--the irony that owning that land is strictly a white man's concept. It has not been a Native concept that one can "own" the Earth. It's no surprise to find BIA puppets speaking the white man's lingo, though. However, I must admit that I, like many others, was quite foolish to have expected any seriously objective or investigative reporting in this area.

It is always "safer" for the media to simply parrot the politically acceptable party lines in these instances. After all, why should the Independent care a tinker's dam about the religious rights of people being denied, when the big money powers (Peabody coal and all the politicians they can buy) want the Dineh portrayed as the Enemy? Big money always does the talking. Apparently Mr. Maniaci knows who to listen to!