Sun Dance Arrestees' Court Dates and Legal Expenses
by Al Swilling, Founder, SENAA International



Defense of the Five Women Arrested at Sun Dance
According to a reliable source, who is in touch with Joe Washington, attorney for the five Dine'h ladies arrested at the Sundance, the first trial date for all the ladies arrested at the Sundance is 19 December in Hopi Tribal Court. They will continue to be very well represented by Joe Washington, who has been working pro bono till now and whose fees/expenses from now on will be covered by the Navajo Nation. Nothing will happen to the women as of now--no fines, no jail terms--no one woll be going to jail and the trial isn't even beginning till Dec. 19.

If they are found "guilty" of anything in the Hopi Tribal court trial, it will be appealed in federal court and the Navajo Nation, including Joe Washington, will continue to represent and defend them. So, you needn't worry at this time about sending them money for fines or anything else. I also have heard that money has been raised for immediate personal expenses such as gas so that too is okay for now and you needn't worry about Elvira and the other ladies--they will continue to receive all necessary legal assistance and will not have to pay anything for it.

Arrick Crittendon's Defense
SENAA International is also in direct communication with the attorney representing Arrick Crittendon, son of Louise Benally, who was arrested in front of his mother's hogan for Criminal Trespass, when he attempted to photograph the destruction of Camp Anna Mae by HTC police and BIA agents.

Arrick's attorney gives the same report regarding Arrick's case. If Arrick is convicted by the Hopi "Tribal" Court, it will be appealed to federal court and all legal expenses will be paid by the Navajo Nation Tribal Government.