Hopi, Arizona still haggling over state trust lands

Jim Maniaci, Diné Bureau
Source: http://www.gallupindependent.com/todaysnews.html#anchor7

WINDOW ROCK — Arizona and the Hopi Tribe continue to negotiate the details of a pending federal condemnation of about 226 square-miles of state trust land south of Interstate 40.

When completed under the 1996 Navajo-Hopi Land Dispute Settlement Act, it would mean Diné and Hopi land — trust, leased or owned — would surround Winslow just as Gallup is surrounded by Navajo-controlled acreage.

The Hopi Tribe wants the checkerboarded acreage to fill in the private sections it bought several years ago when it purchased the Hart, Clear Creek and Aja Ranches. A fourth ranch near Springerville and Eagar is not included in the pending condemnation.

Included would be 144,322 surface acres (225.5 square miles) and 136,119 sub-surface (mineral) acres (212.7 square miles)...


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