Act Against Moluccan Genocide



From: Frits F. Terpstra
Subject: Act against the genocide on the Moluccans, sign the petition!!
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 19:57:52 +0100

Please forward this to everyone you know!!!

Since January 1998 the indigenous people of the Moluccan Islands are under attack. Numerous villages were destroyed or burned down. Since the beginning of the attacks already 5000 people were killed. Thousands more were wounded or disabled. The killings, carefully orchestrated by the Laskar Jihad in Djakarta, assisted by the Indonesian military forces, are still continuing until this day. The international community, the politicians and the media are looking the other way.

Let us change that. NOW!

Sign the petition and send this mail to everybody in your addressbook.

p.s. The petition is in several languages.

Frits F. Terpstra
Leonard Peltier Foundation - Netherlands