by Brigitte


Dear Family,
Perhaps you remember the Greek magazine NEMECIS where we had our article on the First Nations, etc, published last April.

Yesterday morning a group of right-wind terrorists put a bomb in the hall outside the offices of NEMECIS and there was a terrible explosion that blew up the staircase right to the last floor, and destroyed most of the offices, and all the windows. Fortunately nobody was hurt, thanks to the self-control of an 18 year old girl who smelled gas on the next floor at the last moment, and alerted everyone in the street and the police. The bomb was set to explode at 9.30 am when the offices open. If the staff or Ms Kanelli had been on time they would have been killed (fortunately in Greece people are hardly ever on time :-)

A few months ago Ms Kanelli was elected a senator. Now she is twice against the New World Order because of NEMECIS and she has been a double target lately. But, even though she was obviously and rightfully upset because human lives were at stake, she said the fight will go on no matter what.

Best wishes to you all,