Politically Correct Genocide Today 

by Julian

So many headlines, and so many articles, all cry out for our attention. The media 'informs' us of the latest election developments, the latest global tragedies and the most sensational crimes in our streets or our schools. And people rightly ask, 'What is to be done?' May we consider a story you have not seen in your newspapers, a story not broadcast by any of the television media, a story which has been nationally 'blacked out' to allow the US government to continue its ongoing genocide in - among other places - Arizona? The genocide is going on right now, as you read this, and there is no sign of cessation. 

Don't be shocked- you aren't supposed to know. But a handful of elderly Dineh (Navajo) have been the victims of attack by the government, the Department of the Interior and the corrupt, government-puppet BIA. Their ancestral graves have been plowed up; their wells have been capped or drained; they are forbidden by law to cut firewood or to repair their handmade homes, often damaged intentionally by certain parties. Their few head of cattle are regularly 'impounded' - (stolen) by armed BIA officials; the animals are mistreated, starved and held for ransom until the elderly people can raise enough money to retrieve them. And, of course, the government offers to give them more land to which they may relocate...the land near the site of the largest spill of radioactive waste in US history. The question most people raise is, "WHY?". And the answer is age-old: greed. You see, the Peabody Coal company wants the coal-rich land under these people, and has for years been waging a policy of genocide, with the full cooperation of the US Justice Department, the BIA and officials all the way up the scale in Washington. The drinking water is drained by the lines which Peabody uses to flush coal slurry out into the Nevada desert. Consequently, some elders must walk many miles to carry water to wash or to cook with. The bulldozer attacks on their ancestor's graves, and on their homes, are just a part of the ongoing campaign of harassment designed to be rid of these People- a People who ask nothing of the white government other than to be left alone. 
Now, how does this relate to school shootings, racial antagonism and even the political process? 

Simple. You see, our Native American brethren have, for centuries before the Europeans came to this 'Turtle Island', passed on certain teachings, certain rules of behavior, from one generation to the next. Among the guiding principles is that of living with honor and respect. Respect for all life, and for others. Honor in personal behavior. Not wanting to steal from one's neighbor. The simple trust of the Native American in a person's promise made them easy targets for the lies and deceptions of the government. Treaty after treaty, promise after promise...broken for centuries. And when we see young people who are willing to shoot others - either for a quick headline or for a moment of anger - when we see politicians who will lie to each group of voters in order to gain their votes- when we see corporate entities violate the trust of their workers - we see the fruit of a culture which has, for many years now, operated on the simple principle of greed. Never mind what is good for my country - what is in it for me? Never mind my neighbor - what do I get out of the situation? We all paraphrase the cynical question of Cain - "Am I my brother's keeper?" When we have raised an entire generation without respect for the lives and values of others, are we not hypocritical when we ask how various crimes could have happened? To a people raised without values of honor and respect, the question is, rather, how could such things not happen? 

There is, of course, an answer. There is a solution. And we cannot be such fools as to look to the government for an answer; more laws, more restrictions, more government - this is not an answer. The solution lies within each of us - each person reading these words can begin to turn it all around. To those who have children or grandchildren, I say- teach them the meaning of respect and honor. Teach them that honor is a code to live by, a code which we make a part of us. Teach them to always honor their word. Not dependent on circumstances or convenience. Teach them to live truth. Teach them respect for others, for the welfare and property of others, and respect for themselves. Teach them that life is sacred - their own life and the lives of others. 

The hunters of the main tribes of North America would not even take the life of an animal for food and clothing, without first giving a prayer of thanks to Creator for this provision, and without offering a prayer of apology to the animal being hunted. Life was never taken lightly. 
And whether or not one has children, each of us must set an example. We must do what is right, even if it is not comfortable or safe- even if we must suffer consequences. No matter how many laws are passed, we cannot make another person live in a certain way- but we can determine how we will live. We must live the right way, the way of honor and respect, not in a condescending or self-righteous manner, but in a simple way. When we have forged our wills and tempered them even in the fires of adversity, then we will indeed set an example. We will give younger people a standard to reach. No, we are not sports stars or millionaires or beautiful movie stars. Some young people are impressed by such, although many also see how hollow and empty these lives are. But those within our own spheres of influence will come to know who and what we are, and we can share with them the right way - the good way- of living, in our words and deeds. If we want to see an end to genocide, an end to racism of all kinds, an end to mindless violence in our streets or our homes, we can start to bring the change, one degree at a time. We can see future generations begin to understand the meaning of honor and the need to live by a code of honor that is not open to compromise. It is within reach IF we want it badly enough to earn it. The next move is up to you and me. How badly do we want it?




 November 2000, Julian. All Rights Reserved. Published with permission. Please obtain permission from the copyright owner before using this article elsewhere.